CII firmly believes that design is the key for India to succeed in a constantly changing, globally competitive world. The value of design stretches across all industries and sectors – from manufacturing to services. Design, Innovation and growth are linked. Research has proven that businesses that use design innovate more often, more effectively and compete less on price. Through design we would be able to create a better future for everyone, as design is the only practice that makes commercial, ecological and social sense at the same time.

Design is recognized as an innovative discipline that can help companies to survive and evolve into an increasingly complicated market, where new competitors arrive constantly and where clients and users are every day more aware of their needs and want to satisfy them faster and better. Despite this fact, use of design by industry and businesses is limited.

For many companies facing global competition and severe price pressure, design is a necessary means of differentiation. Recognizing the importance of design for Indian Industry; Confederation of Indian Industry is keen to encourage design as a tool for business competitiveness and innovation through its National Committee on Design.

The CII National Committee on Design strives to meet the following objectives through its activities and initiatives:

To promote design as a tool for improving national competitiveness

To promote use of design in businesses with special focus on MSME's

To promote applicability of design in public services

Raising awareness, specially amongst industry of the applicability of design

Disseminating good practices and experiences

To enrich the practice of design in India

Increasing public awareness of the potential contribution of good design

Building an international design community

Exploration of newer applications of design for specific contexts and needs

Bridging the industry-design divide and building bridges with other professions and vocations

CII Design Committee members nominate themselves to be the part of sub-groups, which work to undertake advocacy of the role of Design in the important mission of smart cities and digital India and will develop position paper, to explore, recommend and facilitate New Product Development and to undertake the capacity development programs.

Establishing Design as a catalyst to achieve Make in India mission objectives

Co-design for Smart Cities and Digital India

Building capacity, Developing Design Industry and Design in Industry