Download Blank Application Form See video to understand how to apply

Step 1 – Eligibility

Check the eligibility of your entry

Create a user account by providing the required details

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id after which you can proceed for online submission of application form

This user account could be used for multiple entries for this year as well as subsequent years

Step 2 – Online Submission of application

Application can be made by the authorized representative of the design consultancy or manufacturer or brand owner company.

In case of the design consultancy making an application a "Certificate of Authorization" from the brand owner is essential along with the submission of physical material.

Before proceeding for the online submission of application please secure all the necessary approvals from your concerned departments / superiors.

To download a blank application form, click here . The blank application form is for reference only. The actual application is to be filled online.

Keep the required information ready for online submission

Submissions should be clear, concise and persuasive. The ultimate objective is to convince the judges that good design really works – and means good business.

Prepare four high quality JPEG images with following specifications of your entry:

1024 x768 pixels in dimension

300 dpi in resolution

CMYK or RGB in color mode

No bigger than 3MB in file size

Keep these images ready in a folder to electronically attach to the application form where required.

Using your user name and password, enter the online application

You can update / add / delete the application information multiple times till final submission.

After final submission you will not be able to change your application form

After final submission of the application, a review committee will go through the application and will inform the applicant about the acceptance or rejection of the application form

Step 3 – Payment for participation

The payment towards participation fees has to be made within the last date.

The application will not be considered for evaluation without the participation fees payment.

Step 4 – Exhibition

Applications shortlisted by the online jury will be invited to exhibit their entries before the grand jury in New Delhi.

Applicants will have to present their entries before the grand jury themselves.

CII will facilitate the exhibition by providing adequate table space for each entry.

There will be no need to submit the entries to CII before the exhibition.

A confirmation of participation in the exhibition by the stipulated time will be essential for CII to make preparations for the same.

Any representative or nominee of the company will be eligible to present the entry before the grand jury.

Applicants will have to make their own arrangements for travel to Delhi to showcase their entry in the exhibition.

Applicants will be required to bring / arrange their own laptops / screens / display boards / flash drives etc in case of demonstration of website / audio-visual clipping etc.

All requirements related to the exhibit should be communicated to CII well in advance.

Visual Communication

Maximum of 10 images mounted of a A3 or A2 size board

Maximum 2 boards permitted

It is required to bring at least 1 piece of the actual product (dimension less than 1m x 1m x 1m)

Industrial Design

Maximum of 10 images mounted of a A3 or A2 size board

Maximum 2 boards permitted

It is required to bring at least 1 piece of the actual product (dimension less than 1m x 1m x 1m)

The product must be completely assembled and fully functional

Power source if required must be provided with the product

In case of the actual product being of size larger than the specified size:

Mount the relative images onto A2 size display board

Maximum 2 boards are permitted

Include a video showing the design from all sides

Please note that if even if you send the large sized product it will not be accepted.

Interaction Design

In case the submission is a website, submit the url and include printouts of some sample pages

The printouts of the sample pages must be mounted on A2 or A3 size boards

Maximum of 2 boards permitted.

For interactive media provide a narrative film (max 3 mins) in MPEG and A2 or A3 size display board of screen images. (max 2 board)

Mobility Design

Maximum of 10 images mounted of a A3 or A2 size board

Maximum 2 boards permitted

Physical product can be bought on the jury day for evaluation, based on the availability of space and prior consultation with secretariat.

Optional Supporting Materials

Demonstration/Promotional video(s) –

Format: WMV, AVI, or MPEG format

Medium: CD/DVD, memory card, flash disk etc

Promotional material(s) – Printed format, Digital format (JPG, PDF, PPT) in CD will be accepted.

Informative materials on commercial / business success of the project - press release, news clippings, etc.

Application Number

Please DO NOT mention the entrant or designer's name or other awards won by the project anywhere in the submitted materials. In order to conduct an unbiased judgment

Fix the Application Number to the front top right hand corner of each board.

Fix the Application Number at appropriate place on the actual product where it is clearly visible.

Step 5 – Judging for CII Design Excellence Award

The grand jury will complete its inspection of the exhibits on day 1 of the Design Summit.

Results will be announced on day 2 of the Design Summit.

All applicants will have to make their own arrangements for stay in Delhi during this period.

The decision of the grand jury will be final and binding on all.

All entries will be profiled in the India Design Book which will be released after the announcement of results on day 2.

Visual Tour Excellence Awards Registration Process