Download Blank Application Form

Step 1 – Eligibility

  • Self-check the eligibility of your entry
  • Create a user account by providing the required details
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id after which you can proceed for online submission of application form
  • This user account could be used for multiple entries for this year as well as subsequent years

Step 2 – Online Submission of application

  • Application can be made by the authorized representative of the design consultancy or manufacturer or brand owner company.
  • In case of the design consultancy making an application a "Certificate of Authorization" from the brand owner is essential along with the submission of physical material.
  • To download a blank application form, click here. The blank application form is for reference only. The actual application is to be filled online.
  • Information may be kept ready for online submission.
  • Submissions should be clear, concise and persuasive. The ultimate objective is to convince the judges that good design really works – and means good business.
  • Four high quality JPEG images may be prepared with following specifications for the entry:
  • 1024 x768 pixels in dimension
  • 300 dpi in resolution
  • CMYK or RGB in color mode
  • No bigger than 3MB in file size
  • The images may be kept ready in a folder to electronically attach to the application form.
  • Applicant account can be opened using username and password.
  • Updating / editing / deleting the application information is possible multiple times till the final submission.
  • After final submission application cannot be changed.
  • After final submission of the application, a review committee will go through the application and will inform the applicant about the acceptance or rejection of the application form.

Step 3 – Application fee

  • Application fee needs to be paid within the last date.
  • The application will not be considered for evaluation without the payment of fees.

Step 4 – Exhibition

  • Applications shortlisted by the online jury will be invited to exhibit their entries before the grand jury.
  • Applicants will have to present their entries before the grand jury by themselves or by their authorized representative.
  • CII will facilitate the exhibition by providing adequate table space for each entry.
  • The shortlisted applicants are required to bring all the exhibits to the venue.
  • Applicants will have to make their own arrangements for travel to the exhibition venue to showcase their entry.
  • Applicants will be required to bring / arrange their own laptops / screens / display boards / flash drives etc in case of demonstration of website / audio-visual clipping etc.
  • All requirements related to the exhibit should be communicated to CII well in advance.

Visual Communication

  • Maximum of 10 images mounted of a A3 or A2 size board
  • Maximum 2 boards permitted
  • It is required to bring at least 1 piece of the actual product (dimension less than 1m x 1m x 1m)

Industrial Design

  • Maximum of 10 images mounted of a A3 or A2 size board
  • Maximum 2 boards permitted
  • It is required to bring at least 1 piece of the actual product (dimension less than 1m x 1m x 1m)
  • The product must be completely assembled and fully functional
  • Any requirement for power supply (amp x no. of sockets) should be intimated to CII well in advance
  • In case of the actual product being of size larger than the specified size:
  • The relative images may be mounted onto A2 size display board
  • Maximum 2 boards are permitted
  • The video may be used for showing the design from all sides
  • The large sized product it will not be accepted.

Interaction Design

  • In case the submission is a website, the url and printouts of some sample pages may be submitted.
  • The printouts of the sample pages must be mounted on A2 or A3 size boards.
  • Maximum of 2 boards are permitted.
  • For interactive media a narrative film (max 3 mins) in MPEG and A2 or A3 size display board of screen images (max 2 board) may be provided.

Mobility Design

  • Maximum of 10 images may be mounted of a A3 or A2 size board
  • Maximum 2 boards are permitted
  • Physical product can be bought on the jury day for evaluation, based on the availability of space and prior consultation with CII.

Optional Supporting Materials

  • Demonstration/Promotional video(s) –
  • Format: WMV, AVI, or MPEG format
  • Medium: CD/DVD, memory card, flash disk etc
  • Promotional material(s) – Printed format, Digital format (JPG, PDF, PPT) in CD will be accepted.
  • Informative materials on commercial / business success of the project - press release, news clippings, etc.

Application Number

  • The entrant or designer's name or other awards won by the project anywhere in the submitted materials may not be mentioned in order to conduct an unbiased judgment.
  • The Application Number may be mentioned on the front top right hand corner of each board.
  • The Application Number may be mentioned at the appropriate place on the actual product.

Step 5 – Judging for CII Design Excellence Award

  • The grand jury will complete its inspection of the exhibits and will announce winners on day 1 of the Design Summit.
  • All applicants will have to make their own arrangements for stay during this period.
  • The decision of the grand jury will be final and binding on all.
  • All entries will be profiled in the India Design Book which will be released after the announcement of results.