Design plays a crucial role in innovation by improving functional and aesthetic aspects of a product, quality of services and enhancing user experiences. Design encompasses the entire spectrum of form, function, aesthetics, engineering, culture and lifestyle needs. It aims to improve quality of life, creates new value and markets. With a systematic and creative approach and keeping human needs at the core, design helps augment quality of usage and bring about responsible change.

Design has been high on the national agenda for many countries, therefore importance of strategic use of design for competitive growth has been emphasized throughout the world. Many governments are developing and implementing design policies and promotion programs not only to boost their industry and business competitiveness, but also to increase awareness of design in public lives, even to solve complex social issues such as public health systems, crime abatement, energy saving, geriatric needs, and so on. Several studies have shown a strong interrelationship between national competitiveness and design.

Of late there have been awareness and realization to adopt good design practices among several Indian companies considering it a very important factor for their operations, sustenance and growth.

Design Mission to finland


To expose a team of select Indian design practitioners and industries (~20 persons) to global best design practices.


Five working days (May 13 -17, 2019).

The Mission would be led by Mr Udayant Malhoutra, Chairman-CII National Committee on Design, CEO and Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd., Bengaluru.

Visit to five design agencies in three days engaged in the design of


Service Delivery

User Interface/ User Experience

Consumer Product Design

Half day visit to design/ planning and implementation agency engaged in the design of public space and public utility

Full day interactive visit to reputed Finnish School of Design (Design Factory & Aalto University)

Half day visit to Design Museum, Helsinki

Take Away

Establishing one-on-one partnership by Indian design agencies/industries with Finnish counterparts

To culminate into India Design Centre in collaboration with reputed Finnish Design institute

Design Mission to Finland – Schedule

Sr No Finnish Design Agencies/Institutes to be visited Date
1 Hensa 13 May, 2019 (Day 1) - Half day visit
2 Design Reform 13 May, 2019 (Day 1) - Half day visit
3 Palmu – Solita 14 May, 2019 (Day 2) - Half day visit
4 Pentagon Ltd 14 May, 2019 (Day 2) - Half day visit
5 Hellon 15 May, 2019 (Day 3) - Half day visit
6 Studio Puisto Concepts 15 May, 2019 (Day 3) - Half day visit
7 City Government of Helsinki (Design of Public Space, Public Utility) 16 May, 2019 (Day 4) - Half day visit
8 Design Museum, Helsinki 16 May, 2019 (Day 4) - Half day visit
9 Design Factory & Aalto University 17 May, 2019 (Day 5) - Full day visit
10 The Finnish Association of Designers (ORNAMO) A dinner meeting will be arranged with members of the association on one of the days


For More Details, Contact

Ms. Pooja Sanchala

Email: Pooja.sanchala@cii.in

Contact No. +91 124 4014060 Extn.: 442