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Design - The key enabler in National development

By : Revathi Kant


National Design Policy is a key enabler and contributor to the design movement in the country. We have come a long way, but still have a long way to go before we become a 'design enabled' India. 'Now' is the time to take the quantum leap. Initiatives like 'Make in India' has got the world looking at India seriously. With investments flowing in, it is important to make sure that we become a creative manufacturer rather than a factory to the world. Value addition through Design is the only way. Initiatives like skill development, empowerment of SME’s has gained momentum in the last few years and if this is taken to the next level, we will surely head towards the direction of being one amongst the best, in terms of design leadership.

I believe the three key focus areas which will catapult India to the next realm of design are : Democratisation of Design, Convergence of Design and Technology, and  Sustainable Design.

Design for everyone, through ‘affordable design for the masses’ is to really democratise the power of design and transform the life of a common man. It is when design really moves beyond the ‘aesthetics’ and ‘functional’ to the arena of ‘experience’ the true worth of design is felt. And this can be achieved through the fusion of design with technology. Sustainable design is perhaps the most important facet of design today to build a better future.

In order to build a design enabled India there is a need for creative leadership in Government, Industry, Policy Makers and Education Institutions. Public spaces, infrastructure and mobility all these beg for design thinking & solutions. Creation of national level design consciousness will help in ensuring integration of design in the planning process for national development. Good design leads to economic progress.

Revathi Kant

AVP & Head Design & Innovation
Titan Company Limited