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Design - All About Building Connections

By : Suresh Sethi

A Designer's task is always to find simple, honest answers. Honesty, integrity and love for life are key to delivering great work of design. The field of design has become too specialised and borders between different disciplines must be opened. Designers must assimilate with the scientists' brain, the poet's heart and painter's vision.

Design is about building connections. I strive consistently to align the creative process with business and the key to innovation lies in understanding consumer experience. The designer of today is involved with designing experiences not just looks and appearances. Today design is about teamwork. Designers want to believe that design can transform the world, and that the designer leads the process of change. However, my take on this is that design plays a modest yet important role.

Design is like glue, it is the soul of the team, design gives form to a vision that seeks to apply creativity to challenges of our age, namely digital technology and information. As a designer I do not build products but I build relationships – good design comes through the observation and understanding of daily life and environment. Design although a discovery of an individual is always for others. Empathy is very important in the act of designing.

I believe that what should concern us, is how the expressive need and energy so delicately enshrined in the culture, can now find a new vehicle for design. What kind of environment can we build? What do we want to preserve and how and for whom do we preserve it? What is replacing that which must go? Our concerns must be to ask consistently and persistently, from here to where? The vision should be the symbolic relationship with our times and should be directed towards a positive change for society and world at large. Change comes from encounters, conversations and dialogues of people.

Together in this journey we are deeply engaged with the new world… Let the new landscape for design education blossom from observing the real world and bring about the “flowering of goodness” in the lives of millions.

Suresh Sethi

Global Design Director for
Air & Water / Vice President
Design South Asia, Whirlpool