Welcome to the summit of Ideas!

The summit is a platform to create an enduring partnership between design and organizations leading to innovation and increased economic competitiveness. Just as large and small gears work together in harmony, when designers work with organizations, they ignite innovation.

Design has become pervasive. The activity of design is being practiced by myriads of disciplines including engineering, computer science, information systems, and business. Titles such as software design, engineering design, human-computer interaction design, and systems design is commonly seen now along with product design, industrial design and graphic design. Everyone connected with these titles and other such titles are welcome!

The discipline of design offers a unique way of seeing the world and approaching problems. The summit is a stage to bring the traditional fields of design in partnership with the fields of technology and business towards the development of new products - real and virtual. It is a manifesto to inform the future of our highly technological age, profoundly in need of humanizing.

The summit will bring about new ideas, new initiatives, and new thinking needed to contribute to the larger picture of design in the knowledge economy. The purpose of the summit is to synergize, find new methods of working together with an attitude of openness, cooperation, and exploration.


Design for Industry 4.0

Innovative Product and Service Design to Empower i4.0

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a term used to describe a paradigm shift proffered by a series of game-changing innovations in the way products are manufactured and services delivered.

The summit will address emergent issues such as new level of human-machine interaction, new design experiences, new scenarios of consumer-manufacturer-customer cycles, mass customization, personalized products and services, virtual design solutions, intelligent and agile production systems and similar such emerging possibilities. The summit will deliberate upon how design can assist industry to make the leap into i4.0.

The summit will be a platform to launch the new initiative of establishing Design Industry in India as a new industry vertical. The objective is to capitalize on the solid foundation of design industry in India, abundant talent base and the experience of our design industry. The initiative is aimed at driving the development of new economy, exporting design services, creating more quality job opportunities and expanding the share and usage of design in the country.


16 & 17 November 2018


New Delhi






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